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Press Release: November 01, 2018

NuMedii Names Industry Veteran Heather Arnett, Ph.D. as Vice President of Research

Press Release: November 01, 2018

NuMedii Announces Research Collaboration With Leading Academic Research Institution to Explore New Targets and Therapeutics for Pancreatitis

Conference: October 2018

NABE Tech Economics Conference (TEC)
Sponsor: National Association for Business Economics (NABE)
Topic: Applications of Machine Learning in Non-Tech Sectors
October 28-30, 2018
COEX, Seoul, South Korea

Conference: October 2018

AI Pharma Korea
Sponsor: Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association(‘KPBMA’)
Topic: How to Use AI to Generate Novel Drug Candidates
October 15, 2018
COEX, Seoul, South Korea

Conference: October 2018

5th Annual Drug Discovery USA Congress
Title : Using Machine Learning To Identify New Targets For Fibrosis
October 11-12, 2018
San Diego, CA

Conference: October 2018

ISWC 2018 (2018 International Semantic Web Conference)
Title : Accelerating Drug Discovery in Rare and Complex Diseases
October 8-10, 2018
Monterey, CA

Conference: September 2018

Evolution Summit
Title : The Next Big Thing: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery
through Artificial Intelligence (AI)
September 24-26, 2018
Dallas, TX

Press Release: July 10, 2018

NuMedii Announces Strategic Research Collaboration with Two Leading Academic Research Institutions Utilizing Single-Cell Sequencing to Identify Precision Therapeutics for IPF

Press Release: June 20, 2018

NuMedii Expands Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board with the Addition of Two Oncology Experts

Applied AI – January, 2018

14 Healthcare AI Applications

Pulmonary Fibrosis News – January, 2018

NuMedii Advances IPF Personalized Medicine with New Advisory Board to Guide AI Approach

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) – January, 2018

Sifting Nuggets of Truth out of the AI Hooplah

MedCity News – January, 2018

Andy Slavitt: When it comes to AI, it is the best of times, worst of times story

Press Release: January 5, 2018

World’s Leading Lung Disease Experts Join NuMedii’s Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Advisory Board

WuXi AppTec – October, 2017

Inside Perspectives: NuMedii Banking on Artificial Intelligence to Expedite the Discovery of Effective New Medicines

PharmTech – September, 2017

Expediting the Discovery and Development of Drugs – Drug repurposing, repositioning, and rescue can be faster, cheaper, and target more diseases than traditional drug discovery approaches

Press Release: April 11, 2017

NuMedii, Inc. Announces New Partnership To Discover And Advance New Treatments For Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

The Scientist – January, 2017

Repurposing Existing Drugs for New Indications

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1 week ago
Attending @TriConference 2019? Don't miss our CTO, Asim Siddiqui's talk at noon on "Practical Applications of #AI to drug discovery"
2 months ago
Video for those that missed a great panel on "“Demystifying AI in Pre-clinical Drug Design and Discovery” @PMWC with @NuMedii CEO @biotechfounder, @Numerate_Inc CTO @allg00d, @DaphneKoller, Eric Morgen and @a16z's @vijaypande
5 months ago
And announcing a new collaboration with Dr. Jay Pasricha @HopkinsMedicine!
5 months ago
Excited to welcome our new VP of Research, Heather Arnett, PhD!

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NuMedii4 months ago

Our CTO Asim Siddiqui sharing his thoughts on AI for drug discovery:

NuMedii1 year ago

Our CEO will be joining other AI experts on Tuesday's lunch panel at #JPM18 is focused on AI. Speakers incl @JamieHeywood @patientslikeme, @ASlavitt, @biotechfounder @NuMedii, @DrShlain @healthloop

NuMedii1 year ago

Warm welcome to our IPF Advisors: Naftali Kaminski, Gisli Jenkins, Toby Maher, David Schwartz, Zea Borok, Paul Wolters and Kevin Brown. Grateful to have your input & help as we develop new therapies for IPF. Thanks Three Lakes Partners for helping us connect!