NuMedii has active R&D collaborations with several global pharmaceutical and biotech companies and patient-centric organizations to create pipeline and new products through the use of our discovery technology. We have demonstrated the predictive capability of our technology and created strategic value in multiple therapeutic areas including inflammation, oncology and rare diseases.

We partner with global pharma and biotech companies for the discovery of novel drugs, targets and biomarkers for specific indications. We also have collaborated with specialty pharma and generics companies for the creation of complex or branded generics, wherein these drugs are used for novel indications and coupled with appropriate delivery technologies.

Given the critical role many patient-centric organizations are now playing in the development of therapies for rare diseases, we welcome collaborations with these organizations to bring together the diverse stakeholders needed to develop effective therapies for patients. Our unique collaboration with Three Lakes Partners to discover and advance new treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a rare chronic progressive and usually fatal interstitial lung disease, further builds on our work in inflammation and showcases our development capabilities in rare disease.

If your organization would like access to pipeline products with a high likelihood of success in your disease area of interest, or would like to leverage your past development investments to efficiently expand your proprietary pipeline, please contact us at [email protected].